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Watergate Bay

Watergate is a place close to our hearts, we spend most of our Summer either on the beach flying kites or in the sea Surfing the waves here. Vertical Descents Offer Power kiting and Kite Sports such as kite buggying, Kite Landboarding and even Kite surfing on the beach at Watergate bay. The long open beach which is flat and Golden  offers the perfect terrain for Kite Sports. Watergate bay really is the Mecca for all things Kite in the Newquay area. The space lends itself to undisturbed riding and flying either on the sand or in the water. 

The activities Vertical Descents offer at and from watergate bay are 

water land
coasteering Power kiting
 surfing kite buggy
surf rafting kite landboarding
rock pooling

The facilities at Watergate Bay are also great as there is a pub called the phoenix that offers great food and friendly atmosphere. A takeaway, cafe and resteraunt on the Beach along with Jamie Olivers Fifeteen resteraunt offering fine dining with the best veiw money can buy. 

The Shop on the Beach offers everything from Kite's to surfboards, wetsuits from Patagonia to Clothing and footwear. They can cater for all of your needs whether your on holiday and needing a bucket and spade or deckchair, or your a local surfer needing a new leash and some wax. They have it all. check out

There is also the Watergate bay hotel sat on the cliff over looking the beach where they offer 4 star accomodation, with fine dining an amazing living space and an infinity pool that looks like it falls into the surf. 


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