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Eco Coasteering in Cornwall

This is coasteering with an eco slant, looking at the flora and fauna of the British coastline. Still donning all the coasteering equipment and having a real adventure with adrenline highs but getting up close and personal with the wildlife of the sea.

Eco coasteering is available at every location where we offer coasteering around Cornwall, only always on low tide. To find out more about locations on Coasteering in Cornwall click here.

Based in Newquay we have a great resource in the coast and this is our educational adventure page. Eco coasteering can be done everywhere but we have some fantastic low tide coasteering routes so that we can explore the real nature of the impact zone in Newquay.

Having many beaches around us in Newquay also provides some great low tide rock pools. Our adventurous rambles educate you on all things aquatic.

Route Description Time Price Per Person
Newquay From our base we know the very best locations to take you for a half day Eco Adventure 2-3 hrs £45
Newquay A full day of Eco Adventures takes you to two locations x 2 2-3 hrs £85
St Ives The Porthmeor Plunge at low tide is an amazing eco system  2-3 hrs £55
Fowey St Austell Bay is sheltered from the harsh Atlantic swells and offers some fantastic marine life 2-3 hrs £55
Padstow Some of our coasteering routes really come alive on the low tide here and the rock pools are some of the best in the area along this stretch of Coast, Harlyn, Constantine, Treyarnon and Trevone. 2-3 hrs £55
South Coast With a different type of rock and a variety of locations we can show you some spectacular flora and fauna along the south coast. Rinsey Cove, Porth kernow, Mullion and more 2-3 hrs £55
Rock Pool Rambles  Newquay, Padstow Area, St Ives, South Coast 2 hrs £25

Group discounts available please look at our price list

What is Eco coasteering?

This unique activity takes you to places you cannot normally access, and looking at the diverse collection of creatures that live here is a wonder to behold. The impact zone where water meets rock is an amazing place to learn about what lives in the oceans surrounding the small island that we live on.

This is a great opportunity to not only get the ultimate buzz from an adrenaline filled guided tour around one of our amazing cliff lines, but a fantastic way to learn about and see some of our most precious creatures which we live alongside. From the big water mammals of grey seals and dolphins to our smallest of crustaceans like the Hermit Crab and the Barnacle. From Sponges to Starfish, Coral to Clingfish we can show you as much as you can take in. Eco coasteering is best done on the low tide as it opens up caves that you don't normally see and allows us to find a lot more wildlife along the tide line. Our low tide routes are specially picked to show you the little hotspots around the coast where many creatures can be found.

Rock Pool Rambles

If donning a wetsuit and jumping into the water isn't your idea of fun but you still want to check out the wildlife the ocean holds, then a Rock Pool Ramble is for you. If you have wondered what lurks beneath the distant shores then we can show you. We will take you on a ramble around some of our most well known beaches and show you the footsteps to discovering the underwater world that lurks along the shoreline. With our resident expert in Ocean Science we can show you life you never knew existed on our British shores. 

Available in Newquay, Padstow area and St Ives and costing only £25 pp, this is a great beach activity.

Ideal for Who?

Eco Coasteering is available for everyone as we can tailor it suit each individual's needs. It's a great family activity, educational trip, and adventure all rolled into one. It's the ideal activity for anyone who can put on a wetsuit and swim a little, has an adventurous spirit and wants to know more about the ocean environment and what lurks within.

Why choose Vertical Descents?

Our team of experienced expert staff will look after you every step of the way, highly qualified, safe and fun. We provide exceptional quality as well as excellent value. We have showers and changing facilities at our HQ in Newquay, as well as a cafe, bar, widescreen previews of your day's photographs, bbq and sun terraces over looking Newquay's stunning coastline. A great place to relax after your day with us and take in the views with a relaxing drink or two.


" Eco Coasteering was one of the best activities that we took part in, We all learnt a lot and saw more than we expected. To see Seals up close in the water was amazing but to have Dolphins playing in the bay when we were there was truely something we will never forget. Thanks Guys, can't wait to see you next year for more adventures. " Jenny, Windsor High School. 

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