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The Sport of Slacklining is a dynamic and fun activity that is great for all boardsports as cross over training. Slacklining is the latest craze to hit the boardsport / lifestyle market and its taking it by storm. Slacklining has been around for many years but Gibbon Slacklining has brought a whole new concept to the activity. Turning it from something that climbers do to train into a cool, hip, urban, core, freestyle crossover lifestyle sport. The brand image has really encapsulated the imagination of all those that are driven to something new and exciting that like to be in the outdoors and do something which is fun and energetic.

We will teach you how to balance the line, walk the line, and bounce the line as well as some more advanced skills if or when you get there.

Who is it for?

Slacklining is for everyone, young or old. You don't need to be fit to give this a go. It's a great balance activity and as so improves strength, coordination, and concentration.
It's a must do sport for everyone whether you want to improve your board riding skills, your balance, learn the tricks of the Gibbon or you want to just have fun with the family for a couple of hours.

 Cornwall offers some great locations for Slacklining and we can set up over water, in trees and more. Click here for more information

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