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Bungee Jumping



Perthshire & Near Edinburgh

Based near to the highland village of Pitlochry and the only permanent Bridge Span Bungee in UK. Jump 132ft over the beautiful River Garry gorge.

From the moment you take a leap from the specially designed bungee plantform suspended under the bridge, you will excelerate to a speed of 50mph descending towards the river before the bungee cord slows you down above the water and then your accelerating back towards the sky.

BUNGEE nothing like it;-)

When? 7 days a week 355 days a year
Who? 14 years to 114 years young. over 65's will require a letter from there docotor 
What do we need to bring? Trainers or shoes that won't fall off your feet when bouncing around, comfy clothes that a harness can be worn over
Where to meet? Killiecrankie visitor centre. More info will be provided on booking

£75pp, a second jump if you feel brave will only cost £30(has to be by the same person)